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meet enso – the first slack bot whose notifications will reduce stress, instead of causing it. Every once in a while he will remind you to pause and breathe. That's all. And as simple as it may sound, it will turn out to be transformative in practice.

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Some things are faster felt than described. Like the feeling of overwhelm, constant change, stress and pressure that we are experiencing as flip side of our connected lifestyles. But while it seems inevitable that the world around us goes totally crazy, going crazy yourself is optional.

by design.

Empirically proven over thousands of years and backed by science over the last decades, mindfulness meditation is entering the corporate world ... now exactely where it happens – in your Slack channels. enso will help you to master the only hard thing about the simple practice: to not forget about it when a few deep breaths would work its magic best.

Since you're
doing it anyway...

Becoming calmer, more focussed, healthier, kinder, more resilient, creative, even happier ... it's all within a breaths reach. It's not about believing anything – everything can be experienced for yourself. Why not give it a try?

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Become friends with Slacks first machine learning mindfulness buddy. Get notifications and messages that will reduce stress, instead of causing it. Start building a transformative habit to stop worrying so much. Unconditional positivity and valuable support for mindfulness newbies and experts alike.

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Hi again,

enso is a side project from an interdisciplinary team at denkwerk. Some of us are really into the practice of mindfulness meditation, some of us are just curious about it. But we all love to experiment, create and change things to the better. Do you have questions or feedback for us? Say hi!

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